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Magic Cats and Deadly Spats, 2 (EBOOK)

Magic Cats and Deadly Spats, 2 (EBOOK)

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Samara’s friend Jasmine is in trouble. Her boss is dead, and she was seen arguing with her right before it happened. They’ll have to put their heads together, comb through evidence, cut through lies, and braid together facts in hopes of finding the truth.

Tangled in a messy investigation, they dig for answers that don’t want to be found. Can they get to the root of the mystery and clear Jasmine’s name before it’s too late? Or will Samara learn that sometimes people aren’t quite who you think they are?

Enjoy a hair-raising, family-friendly mystery with Book 2 in the New Age Cozy Witch Mysteries series—“Magic Cats and Deadly Spats.”

Note: This is a digital ebook, no physical product will be shipped to your home.

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