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Magic Brooms and Empty Rooms, 3 (EBOOK)

Magic Brooms and Empty Rooms, 3 (EBOOK)

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Samara’s sister is in trouble when one of her personalized items is discovered at the scene of a crime. Without an ounce of hesitation, Sam jumps in to help, but things grow more complicated at every turn. Can they track down the truth before Amy is charged with a woman's murder?

As for Gloria, Sam’s finally collected all the ingredients for her aunt’s transformation. After purr-sisting as a cat for decades, they plan to finally lay this catastrophe to rest. Gloria aches for her nightmare to end and is ready to start living as a person. Unfortunately, there’s no telling what might happen during her transformation…

Join Sam, Amy, and their friends on a cozy mystery adventure as they tackle the truth and twist some tails in an effort to make things right. This is book 3 in the New Age Cozy Witch Mysteries series.
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