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Magic Books and Dirty Looks, 1 (EBOOK)

Magic Books and Dirty Looks, 1 (EBOOK)

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Mobile veterinarian Dr. Samara Vestry has her hands full with two magic cats—one’s cursed, and the other wants to protect her. If they were sweet, simple, talking cats, life would be easier. Instead, they’re sassy, always bickering, and nuttier than a squirrel in a cage.

She thought the cats were her biggest problem. But when a local detective winds up dead, Samara gets tangled up in the case. While nosing around, she’s forced to make decisions that lead to dire consequences—choices that can’t be undone.

Can Samara and her friends find answers that don’t want to be found? Or will she find herself caught in a spiral of lies and deception? This fun, cozy witch mystery sets the mood with magic, potions, crystals, and more. Jump into this magical new series "New Age Cozy Witch Mysteries" and get to know Samara today.
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