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Keystone County Witches, Books 4-6 (EBOOKS)

Keystone County Witches, Books 4-6 (EBOOKS)

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Keystone County Witches 2 includes books 4 - 6 in the fun cozy mystery series, Keystone County Witches. (EBOOKS)

Welcome to Keystone County, Pennsylvania—where magic is real, but not everybody uses it. The Brody family are new age witches who love tarot, essential oils, crystals, candle magic, energy, and more.

Enjoy a fun cast of quirky characters as they work through puzzling mysteries in a series of three more stories featuring magic and mayhem, and of course Phoenix the cat. This set offers books 4, 5, and 6 in the playful, ongoing cozy mystery series Keystone County Witches.

This cozy mystery ebook set includes:

A Randomly Organized Witch, Book 4

A Clearly Misunderstood Witch, Book 5

An Oddly Familiar Witch, Book 6

Note: This is a digital ebook series. No physical books will be shipped to your home.

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