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A Hopelessly Optimistic Witch, 8 (EBOOK)

A Hopelessly Optimistic Witch, 8 (EBOOK)

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Step into an enchanting world where books hold secrets and mysteries linger among the shelves. When Cassie, the town's beloved bookworm, meets an unexpected demise, the mystery unfolds faster than overdue library fines. A Hopelessly Optimistic Witch is the eighth and final book in the Keystone County Witches series.

Kate, a local witch with a penchant for solving puzzles, finds herself ensnared in a web of suspicion, surrounded by a handful of potential culprits. As the town buzzes with gossip, Kate races against time to unravel the truth behind Cassie's untimely end.

Delve into a cozy witch mystery where every nook and cranny conceals another lead. Can Kate crack the case and expose the real killer before the final chapter closes? Enjoy a cozy mystery where every turn of the page brings you closer to the big reveal.

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