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Intellectual Property

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We accept multiple forms of payments:

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By choosing to purchase a product from Cozy Mystery Shop, you authorize us to charge you the given amount via your payment method. If at any time we believe we have violated the law, such as using fraudulent information, we reserve the right to cancel your request and refund the transaction.


Ebooks and audiobooks are instant downloads. That means that no refund will be issued. Print books are refundable if the order is damaged or there is a defective printing issue, which makes the book unreadable. If this is the case, please contact us, and we'll issue a refund within 30 days. Note: All print books are delivered via BookVault.

Shipping and Delivery
When you purchase a book from Cozy Mystery Shop, your books will be delivered based on the type of book you purchased (example: ebook vs audiobook vs large-print paperback book).

Delivery of Ebooks and Audiobooks:

If you’ve purchased an ebook or audiobook, we use BookFunnel for delivery. What this means is that you'll receive an email via BookFunnel with a link to download your purchase. It will be seamless and delivered nearly instantly.

NOTE: If you have a problem, please check your SHOPIFY email address, as this is the address that will be used. BookFunnel generally sends an email to you within five minutes. If you don't see it, please check your spam or promotions folder, as each email provider is different.

Delivery of Large-Print Books (Paperback books):

Your large print books will be delivered by BookVault. This is the company that both prints and ships your purchase.

For your print book to be delivered, we will need your name and complete shipping address. If you receive a damaged book, we will happily replace it. You must notify us within 30 days. Because this is a different service than a digital product, shipping will require extra time. These times will be noted during checkout, based on chosen shipping methods.

Consumer Protection

To learn more about Consumer Protection laws in the state of New Jersey, please visit: https://www.njoag.gov/programs/consumer-protection/

Limitation of Liability
Cozy Mystery Shop is independently owned and operated. Its owner is not liable for legal fees, claims, losses, or other such matters from the use of this site. All terms of services are notated along with delivery and shipping information, marketing emails, and refunds associated with buying a product from this site. By using this site, you expressly agree.

Changes to Terms of Service

If the terms of service are updated or changed to reflect changes in laws or how we operate this site, we’ll notify you via email, and will notate that a change has taken place directly on the site.